Journal of Conservative Dentistry

: 2018  |  Volume : 21  |  Issue : 6  |  Page : 587-


Aditya Mitra1, Chandrani Adhikari2,  
1 Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Kusum Devi Sunderlal Dugar Jain Dental College and Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
2 R. G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Dr. Aditya Mitra
72A Bhupen Bose Avenue, Kolkata - 700 004, West Bengal

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Happy Dussehra and Deepawali in advance. The celebrations are for always victory of Good over evil. This is not about any religion or part of a country but the fight goes on to better yourself till your last breadth. Minimum invasive dentistry– A concept years old but the search for ideal material and method goes on and on. Yes we should not destruct tooth structure unnecessarily but please ensure your restoration stays for minimum 5-8 years. If it fails then repeat restoration may involve more destruction of tooth structure and more cost and time involvement. Guaranteed and reproducible restoration should be the key. Bondable, recharging, minimum expanding, repeatedly polishable are the need of the hour. Should it be slightly opaque than the surrounding tooth structure? Then differentiation with secondary caries may be difficult.

Time component is important for children but for maximum adults it should not be a determinimg factor. We should not confuse minimum invasive dentistry for fast and incomplete removal of completely demineralised dentine. Reminralization of dentin with complete loss of collagen substructure is challenging at the moment. Another challenge is to identify the stage of destruction of carious dentine clinically and do the treatment planning accordingly. Dentistry in India needs a boost and long lasting functional restorations are an integral part of it. Maximum number of restoration in minimum time is good for short period but over a longer period of time it is bound to fail. So please do more research in clinics and laboratories. Dentistry requires more and more research.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Pronam and Praying.